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Restoration services restore carpets, furniture and other household items to their pre-damaged, pre-soiled condition or better. These service providers come in after a fire, flood, or other event. Restoration services deal with the additional challenge of working with insurance adjusters to determine what items are salvageable and which need replacement.

Quality issues in a restoration project include: the condition of items before and after cleaning, success rate of restoration, and client perception of cleanliness, odor and other subjective factors.

To measure these items, Damage Eliminators requires its personnel to use a QMform with the following elements: inventory of items to be cleaned, pictures of each items condition as presented, pictures of items based on classification and client assessment of returned items after cleaning.

Documents damage after an event
Shows "after" pictures of restored items
Provides information for adjusters
Demonstrates professionalism to customers
Aids in replacement process
Media Capture
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